Want to Be a Blogger or Not? Learn the Tricks of Blog Writing

Want to Be a Blogger or Not? Learn the Tricks of Blog Writing

Dealing with bloggers is easy. You can probably tell that one of them has knowledge about a particular subject matter. Besides, the blog you write has a high number of readers, so it follows that your words have value. That’s good, right?

Tips for writing a killer blog

There are other bloggers who are more popular than you or me. To thrive in this world, you need to be knowledgeable about what you do. That means you need to meet your audience. Let’s face it, not every person reading your blog knows a great writer. If you don’t do that, you might not rank high in your blog posts, and you lose readers to other content. To rank higher in your content, you need to deliver information to your audience.

Knowing your audience

If you can’t present your blog content correctly, your writing won’t be effective. For example, if you have a subject matter that many people will enjoy reading, do you think you will keep reading your posts, or will you get bored? If you can’t conduct a study about the blogs, you won’t know if that passion you had and the readership is still there. Therefore, you need to learn the readers’ tastes and know their preferences.


You know what your readers like. How can you make them happy without delving into their desires? Researching is the only way to know if your audience is interested in something before writing about it. Doing a review and analysis of blog posts will enable you to know what you should do and which pieces to write about and which to leave. A good writer must have an open mind. If you know you are not in their wheelhouse, avoid doing anything that might piss them off. The best way is to try different things, and if they don’t listen to you, they will ignore you. When writing, try to capture those emotions and interests your readers have.

Follow Blog Posts

If you like what your friends and other bloggers are saying, please share some content that is similar to what they are writing. Follow their steps and see what you can post next. This is the most accurate way of getting feedback and first-hand information about a blog post.

Be Original

If you are putting words from other people’s articles on your blog, then you are competing with them. If you give your comments as provided by someone else, you risk losing links or getting low-quality scores.

If you do it wrong, no one will ever find out that you plagiarized. If you lack the originality skills, you might even get kicked off the site you are writing for. Be original and unique in your writing. Keep your audience in mind.

Hopefully, these tips will help you rank higher on your blog posts. If they don’t work for you, you can always consider other measures to help you achieve your writing dreams.

Author: Charlton Craig

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