Terms papers, which you are choosing for your thesis work

Terms papers, which you are choosing for your thesis work

To create a quality dissertation, the author must conduct a detailed analysis of researchers and their works related to the topic of his work. Proper use of scientific literature is one of the most important requirements for scientific work. The author’s ability to work with scientific literature, correctly use citations and make references to the sources used is one of the indicators of the level of his academic training.
The method of finding the necessary information consists of several stages:
1. What to look for? – The correctness and completeness of the choice of sources of information is determined by the range of issues of the work plan.
2. Where to look? – Determining the list of sources in which information on the selected problematic issues can be covered. In order to fully identify them, it is necessary to use various search sources: catalogs and card indexes of libraries, book and article lists, footnotes and references in textbooks, monographs, articles, etc., indexes of annual sets of special periodicals, as well as automated information retrieval systems. , Internet.
3. How to process? – Direct processing of literary sources on the topic of course work by studying, taking notes and photocopying.
Work with the literature should begin with a complete list of textbooks, monographs, articles in periodicals, laws and regulations, as well as electronic resources. It is recommended to use the following catalogs for compiling the card index: systematic catalog of scientific, educational and reference literature of the university library; catalog of periodicals, directories and normative materials – in the reading room of the library; electronic catalog of the university library; systematic catalogs of other Ukrainian and foreign libraries. When studying the literature, it is necessary to choose individual provisions (quotations) and use them when writing sections of the course work. For the convenience of using the most necessary information of individual sources, it is advisable to write it on special cards in the following sequence: author’s name and initials, exact title of the article or book, publisher’s name, city where the publication was made, year of publication, page number). Such marks further facilitate the search for literature in the case of in-depth study of materials for writing the text of the course work.
First you need to get acquainted with the main literature (textbooks, theoretical articles), and then – applied (legislation, guidance materials, articles on specific research or business experience, etc.). The study of complex sources (monographs) should begin only after the development of simpler (textbooks). The study of books precedes the study of articles from older publications – the latest sources.
Selected literature is subject to careful processing. Preliminary acquaintance includes a cursory review of the content, reading the preface, annotations. Sections that are of particular importance for the course work are carefully processed, paying special attention to ideas and suggestions for solving problems of the chosen topic, discussion issues, the presence of different points of view and contradictions.
In the course of the analysis of the material collected on the research topic, the most substantiated and substantiated synopsis, extracts, quotations are selected and then systematized on the main issues of the research. The result of this work should be a logically structured system of summaries of the research question. On its basis the structure of research, its maintenance is specified.
Although the structure of the dissertation is initially determined at the planning stage, new ideas and understandings may emerge during writing, so it is not recommended to finalize the work immediately after collecting and analyzing the materials.

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