3 strategies to publish 20 books in 10 years

Writing a book is not always a pleasure

There is of course the excitement of the new idea, the joy of finding new sources, the challenge of structuring one’s own thought to clarify it and the sense of accomplishment once the manuscript is finished.

But the rest of the time, it’s a little roller coaster. And there are still more bad days than exhilarating and productive days … So why continue? I do not know, probably because I love it, quite simply.

I published my first book in 2006 and my twentieth book in 2016, but from many points of view, my writing career is still in its infancy. And yet, there is at least one thing that I can share with you: it is possible, we can live by his pen (and live well). Publishing books is not the only way to do it, there are other business models, but in any case, it suits me well.

However, books do not write themselves. It takes time, energy, patience, consistency … and probably some strategies to align all this in the same direction. I propose you to share 3 with you.

Inspiration is everywhere: feed on the world around you

Whatever you read as a book or magazine, whatever you watch as a film or show, it can serve as a source of inspiration. But this inspiration can be easily lost in the meanders of everyday life … That’s why it’s important to write everything down.

My family and loved ones always enjoy the amount of notebooks, notepads and other post-its that populate my office, my living room, my room or even my gym bag. Yet, this is the key to finding a resource, an idea or a reference.

The next step is to develop a system for classifying these notes based on their subject and finding everything in the same place at the right time. A binder, a briefcase, shoeboxes or cardboard folders, whatever. Each his methods, the important thing is to find one that suits you.

The goal is the key: get organized before writing

Several times, friends who were preparing a book told me that they had already written several chapters but that they did not know in which order to put them. Others told me that they had just finished a manuscript of 230,000 signs when their contract of authorship mentioned a work of 160,000 signs.

Each time, I fall naked. How can one write several chapters without knowing what one wants to tell? How can one write pages and pages without considering the expected result? How much time and energy lost, who would have been much better employed to do something else.

Do not just write page after page or chapter after chapter without knowing where you are going. Make a plan first, then take action. And it is even valid for books: this week, my 23rd book will be available in bookstores, but I already have a plan of action until the 30th opus (which will be released in December 2017).

Commitment is the constraint: do you create obligations

When I mention the velocity at which I publish books, most people take me for a caffeine-crazed madman who locks himself in a cellar. However, it is not (at all) the case and I write also on several other platforms: this blog, Juriswin, The Book Maker, Medium, Nonfiction.fr, Wizbii (and some others).

I must add to the publication of my books activities (more or less casual) ghostwriter, consultant, coach, speaker … and also a lot of sports, a little magic and two-three other things. Life, what! What is the secret? Well, the secret is commitment.

Even when my schedule is already busy, I rarely refuse to write a text or article, even if it seems really complicated. To write, anyway, you will always run out of time so you have to take the time. And believe me, if you are reliable, once you make a commitment (to yourself or to others), you will manage to meet this deadline.

Author: Charlton Craig

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